Digital Gas Pump Topper Advertising

Display Your Latest Promotions On Dual-Sided Gas Station TVs

Use digital gas pump topper advertising to display your special offers, promote your loyalty program and to show regional and national advertising. The pump-top display has two 22” or 24” screens and an optional facial recognition camera. Engage customers on both sides of the pump with targeted promotions that generate maximum advertising ROI.


digital gas pump topper advertising unit

Product Code: PDS-24-PP-L-CB2-4X


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Screen Size: Dual 22” or 24”
  • Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Screen Brightness: 1,500 NITS
  • Temperature Range: Subject to Installed Equipment*
  • NEMA/IP Rating: NEMA 4X/IP66
  • Size (H×W×D) inches: 18.3×25×14.5

Good for:

  • Gas Stations
  • Parking Garages
  • Fleet Filling Stations
  • Logistics Hubs

  • Helpful staff – Informed and experienced on all products
  • Fast delivery – All over the USA (and Europe)
  • Five-year warranty – On all mechanical components

All-Weather Digital Gas Pump Topper Advertising

Over 100,000 Armagard enclosures are installed in harsh environments in more than 50 countries. You can be confident your pump-top displays will operate reliably in outdoor locations and in any climate. The NEMA 4X enclosure protects components from water and dust, and internal heating, insulation and air circulation ensure reliable operation in extreme temperatures.

The lockable enclosure, with 6.4 mm glass, protects the screens from damage and theft, allowing you to install digital gas pump topper advertising in any location. As a time and money-saving upgrade from static signage, the gas station TV allows you to remotely update all networked displays simultaneously, ensuring your promotions are up to date and engaging at all times.

*Note: Operating temperature range is based on the temperature of surrounding ambient still air when no solar load is impacting the pump topper. Operating temperature of media players, and additional electronic equipment, will impact the overall operating temperature range of the pump topper.

Features And Benefits

Features Benefits
Dual-Sided Attract the attention of customers on both sides of the pump to generate maximum ROI from your digital gas pump topper advertising.
1,500 NITS Screens with 6.4 mm Anti-Reflective Glass The high-bright screens ensure your promotions look great in bright sunlight, for clear, readable promotions that boost customer engagement in outdoor locations. Easily connect the screens to a range of inputs via HDMI, VGA and DVI connections.
Optional Motion Sensor and Facial Recognition Camera Show the most-effective promotions based on a customer’s age and gender. The motion sensor detects the presence of a car or person, ensuring your content gets shown at exactly the right time.
Built-In Speakers The digital topper has 2.0 channel stereo speakers with 3W + 3W output, allowing you to enhance your promotions with great sounding audio.
Two Mounting Options Install the pump-top display using the best method for you. Mount the enclosure above the pump or attach it directly to the pump top.
Aluminum Enclosure Rated to NEMA 4X/IP66 The enclosure protects internal components from damage and adverse weather. Install digital pump toppers with confidence in outdoor locations.
Environmental Controller Board Advertise continuously in extremely hot and cold environments, for maximum advertising revenue in all seasons.
Easy Access via Key-Operated Locks Access the enclosure yourself to repair, replace or update components at any time, without the time and cost of dealing with a specialist engineer.
Optional Network Media Player Quickly and easily display your latest promotions, without going outside in bad weather. Update the displays remotely to show the same or different content across all networked pump toppers.

Specifications And Guarantees

All Armagard enclosures are built in accordance with International NEMA and European IP standards, guaranteeing protection from liquids and particulates.

We Guarantee:

  • Five-Year Warranty on Mechanical Parts
  • One-Year Standard Electrical Warranty, with a Five-Year Extended Warranty Available
  • Informed and Helpful Support Staff
  • High-Quality Engineering
  • Over 25 Years of International Industry Experience
  • Excellent, Ongoing Customer Service
  • Lifetime Technical Support