LCD Enclosures

  • LCD Enclosure

    Need armor for your LCD/LED screen(s)? Outdoors or inside the versatile LCD enclosure protects against thieves, vandals & the weather. Installation idea: NFL stadiums.

    LCD Enclosure

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  • LCD Monitor Enclosure

    Secure indoor or outdoor enclosure for wall mounted, landscape orientated monitors up to 24″. Protects against vandalism and aggressive weather conditions.

    LCD Monitor Enclosure

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  • Portrait Flat Panel Enclosure

    Safeguard your eye-level advertising display screen(s), indoors or outdoors. Completely customizable, add exciting features like touch screen technology. Installation idea: Restaurant frontages.

    Portrait Flat Panel Enclosure

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  • TV Screen Protector

    Pre-existing display? No problem. Easy to install, simply slot over a pre-installed screen. Save time & avoid hassle with this unique innovation. Installation idea: Transport hubs.

    TV Screen Protector

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Digital Signage Enclosures

  • Outdoor Digital Signage

    Exclusive 46” outdoor screen protection. Dubbed the ‘Totem’, due to its distinct design, it repels damage threats, but attracts audiences. Installation idea: Drive-thru restaurants.

    Outdoor Digital Signage

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  • Indoor Digital Signage

    Popular purchase for retail outlets! Great for ‘point of sale’ persuasion, boost your brand with static & motion advertising from a single unit! Installation idea: Mall of America.

    Indoor Digital Signage

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Plasma Enclosures

  • Plasma Enclosure

    Require robust plasma screen protection? Benefit from up to 10 years’ plasma screen security. Fully weatherproof & an excellent theft/vandal deterrent.

    Plasma Enclosure

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