Using LCD and Plasmas in Outdoor Locations

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The use of LCD screens and digital advertising has expanded dramatically in the last few years and with the costs of the technology continuing to fall their seems to sign in the slowing of their use.

Digital signage is now found in all sorts of places and for many different applications from information kiosks in shopping malls, retail parks  to interactive bulletin boards in schools, colleges and hospitals.

On of the expanding areas for digital signage has been the use of LCD and plasma screens in outdoor locations. However, this does set certain challenges in that they are not originally designed for outdoor digital signage and therefore the units need protecting from the elements.

Many manufacturers do produce specific outdoor LCD displays which are sealed to protect from the rain however, they are often not adequately protected against some of the extreme temperatures found in both summer and winter here in the states.

Outdoor LCD and outdoor plasma displays are also quite expensive and while they should last as long as a standard unit in optimum conditions, the elements will shorten the devices lifespan especially heat from direct sunlight and below freezing temperatures of the winter.

A less expensive and more flexible solution is to use standard screen installed in outdoor enclosure. An outdoor LCD enclosure or all-weather plasma enclosure will protect the enclosed screen from all the outdoor elements including direct sunlight and excessive temperatures. These rugged outdoor enclosures contain heaters and fan units to control temperature and are made to protect from vandalism and theft allowing the outdoor digital signage to be left unattended or in unmanned areas.

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