A Guide to the Protection of Outdoor Digital Signage

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The popularity of digital advertising has risen dramatically over the last few years as the costs of using TV screens for out of home use has fallen quite considerably. And it was only a matter of time before this new marketing method was taken from the confines of the retail floor and placed in outdoor locations.

Outdoor digital signage is becoming increasingly popular; this is largely due to the comparatively greater audience that an outdoor digital advertising campaign will reach compared to an indoor one.

However, there are a multitude of hurdles and considerations to be taken care off when embarking on outdoor digital signage and several different solutions to them:

Rain and other weather elements

These are the most obvious hurdles associated with using a TV device outside. Waterproof LCD and plasma TVs are available and are commonly used for outdoor advertising. However, an outdoor LCD TV will cost many times more than an indoor TV which can dramatically increase the cost of an outdoor campaign compared to an indoor one. Weatherproof LCD enclosures are a more cost-effective method. These can waterproof a standard TV which is placed inside the waterproof LCD enclosure.

Direct Sunlight

This is another problem that’s unique to outdoor digital advertising. Sun glare is a common with both plasma and LCD TVs. There are several solutions such as using an anti-glare film or glass covering. LCD enclosures are easily fitted with this anti-glare screens.

Extreme Temperatures

Often-overlooked when it comes to installing an outdoor campaign, however, constant direct sunlight or high ambient temperature will require some method of carrying away the heat. Often fans are installed in outdoor LCD enclosures to help dissipate the heat but also the screen needs to be protected to ensure direct sunlight doesn’t burn the screen (causing a permanent mark). Air can be blown across the screen to carry heat away and prevent hot-spots developing in the screen. This air curtain is often installed in an LCD enclosure for these types of areas.

Permission and Laws – Erecting any kind of signage outdoors will involve a myriad of complex rules, regulations and permissions. Always ensure you are entitled to place a sign outdoors and pay particular attention to the local authority rules that govern such devices. Ensure any content is suitable and that all rules and regulations are followed to the letter otherwise you could be forced to take down the digital signage or, worse, you could end up facing criminal charges.

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