Advertise Outside with Outdoor Digital Signage and LCD Enclosures

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Advertising is a necessary evil in any commercial industry. In a competitive world it is vital that your product, brand or service is recognised above the rest.

Advertising isn’t cheap though and the more people you want to advertise to the more expensive it is. Radio, TV and national press can cost thousands for just one small advert; a campaign can run into hundreds of thousands.

And even if you manage to reach a large audience there is no guarantee that they will be potential customers and the outlay for advertisements may never see a return on investment.

Digital Signage is cost effective

Cost Effective Mass Marketing

Digital signage is a cost effective method of reaching high audience numbers with less of a risk of failing to acquire a return on investment. For the price of an LCD screen and some media creation software a dynamic and eye-catching method of drawing attention to products and services can be created.

Networked together of just as single devices a digital signage campaign can reach huge levels of passers-by and as you can choose the locations for your sign – relevant audiences can be selected. So for a retailer, having a sign in the shopping mall that out are located will generate visits and sales that perhaps another form of advertising might not.

Outdoor Digital Signage

And even larger audience numbers can be reached by taking the digital screens outside. Outdoor digital signage is increasingly common and while additional costs of protecting the screen from the elements add to the initial outlay, this can be done cost effectively by using a waterproof LCD enclosure and the increase in views should generate more custom.

Outdoor digital signage and indoor advertising are now a common sight in many locations and the industry is one of the few media sectors that is continuing to grow.

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