Advertising – Does Outdoor Digital Signage Get Results?

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Advertisers are always looking for the next method of getting their message across. Nearly every communication technology has been utilised by advertisers, and outdoor digital signage is just the latest in a long line of advertising methods.

The ubiquitous nature of outdoor advertising screens is extremely noticeable with so many high streets and roadsides now have outdoor advertising screens in complement to the other outdoor advertising that is still commonplace in our cities (posters, billboards, taxi and phone booth advertisements etc).

And while the usage of outdoor digital signage might suggest this is a valuable advertising medium, is it really worth the investment?

Outdoor digital signage has many advantages

Unique Benefits of Outdoor Digital Signage

There are some distinctive advantages that are unique to outdoor digital signage that advertisers find really attractive:

  • The ability to have multiple campaigns on a single ad space – an unlimited number of advertisements can be shown on a single screen, maximising revenue for advertisers.
  • No need for a technician to post up the new ads and remove the old – with outdoor digital signage all content can be uploaded centrally and remotely.
  • Flexible content – content can be scheduled for specific times – this allows advertisers to target particular demographics such as lunch time commuters who might be interested in lunch time menus form local eateries, of revellers on a night out in need of a taxi company.
  • Eye-catching – despite its ubiquitous nature, outdoor digital signage is still new and modern enough to be more eye-catching than conventional advertisements, this means a digital outdoor advert is more likely to be read than a similar print advertisement.

The effectiveness of Outdoor Digital Signage

With so many advantages it may be pretty clear that outdoor digital signage works. However, there is always the ROI to think about (Return on Investment) and with outdoor screens the initial outlay can be quite high – which can take a long time to recoup.

However, by using cost effective methods of outdoor digital signage such as the LCD enclosure, that allows you to house standard devices in outdoor locations, this initial investment is reduced, increasing the likelihood of getting a return.

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