All-year-round Outdoor TV for Smoking Shelters

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With the rise of the smoking bans that now seem ubiquitous across the UK, Europe and the United States, the smoking shelter has become a common sight outside many bars, restaurants, pubs and clubs.

These shelters are installed in an attempt to keep customers happy and ensure they are willing to come out for a drink of an evening, despite the ban on smoking indoors.

OUtdoor TV in a smoking shelter

Heaters are commonly installed in smoking shelters to ensure customers are kept warm while they smoke, especially in colder climates, and there are other methods of encouraging people to stay for a night out and utilise the smoking shelter.

There has recently been a mini-boon in outdoor TVs brought about partly by a summer of big sporting events where many establishments installed outdoor TVs in their back yards and beer gardens.

And the end result was an increase in trade for many of these premises as customers wanting to smoke and watch the TV were able to thanks to the outdoor screen.

Now, despite the summer of sport being over, many pub and bar owners are continuing to use outdoor TVs to encourage smoking customers to stay longer – and the effect is increased revenues.

Installing outdoor TVs is not as daunting as it first sounds either. A cost effective and secure outdoor TV can be installed simply and without an expensive outdoor TV system by utilising an outdoor LCD enclosure.

LCD enclosures are used by many bars and pub owners as they allow standard LCD devices (or plasma) to be used outside without the need to buy expensive outdoor screens.

LCD enclosures are usually manufactured from steel, and are therefore highly secure and easily mounted on walls. The lockable enclosure will be waterproof and contain cooling fans to ensure the screen never overheats – and in colder climates heaters are often fitted inside the enclosure to ensure they don’t get too cold either.

By installing a standard LCD device in an LCD enclosure, many bar owners and publicans are finding revenues are increasing as more and more customers take to spending an evening outdoors where they can now smoke – and watch TV.

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