An LCD Enclosure for Cost Effective Outdoor TV Systems

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Modern LCD TVs are no longer only to be found in the front room of somebody’s home. Since the rise of the flat panel LCD TV, seeing them used outside the home has become common. Digital signage is one good example, go into any shopping mall or airport and you’ll see dozens of screens advertising everything from new perfumes to hamburgers. But indoor areas are not the only place to find LCD TVs. Thanks to the outdoor LCD enclosure, there is now no location that can’t have a TV.

The LCD enclosure is a protective cabinet that enables standard LCD screens to be place outside and allows them to operate without risk of failure. Waterproof and with internal controlled temperatures, the LCD TV enclosure provides comprehensive outdoor protection, allowing LCD TVs to be used in a wide range of locations for a wide range of different applications.

Outdoor Digital Signage

Digital signage is not just found in shopping malls and airports. Increasingly, thanks to the waterproof, outdoor LCD enclosure, seeing digital signage and advertising screens in outdoor environments is becoming just as common. From high streets and gas stations, to outside stores and in place of billboards, modern outdoor advertising seems to be all going digital.

While many advertisers use expensive, bespoke outdoor TV systems, the LCD enclosure permits outdoor digital signage for a fraction of the cost. Because the LCD TV enclosure houses standard LCD displays it costs far less to install a screen outdoors than using specialist outdoor hardware. Furthermore, because the LCD enclosure can be reused to house subsequent generation of LCD TV screens, the return on investment is exceptional.

Information Screens

Outdoor digital signage is not the only use for the LCD enclosure. Increasingly, information screens housed in an LCD TV enclosure are becoming a common sight outside all sorts of locations. Transport hubs, such as airports, train and bus stations find an outdoor information screen a great way of keeping passengers informed of timetable news, while schools, colleges and even churches use LCD enclosures to provide information to people entering or passing by the building.

The great advantage of using an LCD TV for providing information is that content can be updated almost instantly, keeping information fresh and up to date. LCD displays are also far more noticeable and engaging than traditional forms of providing information such as static posters or notice boards, which are easily missed.

Outdoor Entertainment

The LCD enclosure also provides a cost effective method of installing LCD TVs outdoors for entertainment purposes. These days with smoking restrictions, more and more people are spending time outside bars. To help customer retention, bar owners are installing outdoor TVs to enable customers to watch sporting events whilst outside.

During events such as the Super Bowl this can make a big difference to trade, but typically, outdoor TVs are expensive. However, because an LCD TV enclosure houses a standard device it can save money, both in the initial installation and over time when the TV requires replacing. And it is not just bars that are finding the LCD enclosure a cost effective solution for using a TV outdoors. More and more homeowners are installing TVs in their back yards to allow them to watch TV while enjoying a barbecue on a sunny afternoon.

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