An Outdoor Digital Sign on a Budget

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Using a screen outdoors can be useful for a whole host of purposes and reasons. For advertisers, the reach and audience of an outdoor digital sign far exceeds that of indoor displays and proves an effective marketing tool.

For businesses, outdoor screens have plenty advantages too. Not only are using screens an effective means of communication, keeping staff, customers and visitors informed, but using a screen outside a premises raises the profile of  company as it looks far more aesthetically pleasing than static signage.

Using outdoor screens has never been a cheap endeavour, however, with the price of outdoor TV screens prohibitive for many small to medium sized businesses. Outdoor LCD TVs cost up to ten times the amount of standard TV devices.

Of course, standard TVs can’t be placed in outdoor location due to the weather and other outdoor elements; outdoor TVs cost so much due to their weatherproofing and high temperature ranges, permitting outdoor use all year round.

But there is an alternative to using an outdoor TV, which saves money and provides just the same amount of protection—a standard LCD placed in an outdoor TV enclosure.

LCD enclosures provide protection for almost any make and model TV. Not only are they weatherproof, but with internal climatic systems, LCD enclosures enable all-year round use, keeping the screens cool in summer and warm during the winter.

Furthermore, with shatterproof screens and a rugged steel housing, an LCD enclosure protects against impact and vandalism, ensuring peace of mind protection.

The biggest advantage of using an LCD enclosure, however, is the cost saving. A good high brightness screen—for better visibility in outdoor locations—combined with the enclosure, still costs a fraction of the price of an outdoor TV.

LCD enclosures are providing all sorts of businesses and institutions with the opportunity to use an outdoor digital sign. LCD enclosure have been used by stores, schools, colleges, churches, theatres and rail stations.


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