Avoiding Digital Signage Downtime

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Downtime in digital signage often deals a double blow when it happens. Not only does it increase the investment to repair the unit making it harder to get a ROI (return on investment) but also when the screen goes down you are losing revenue as there is no advertising generating increased interest.

Digital signage downtime can be caused by a whole host of different things from deliberate vandalism; to overheating and power surges and while not every foreseeable event can be predicted, there is much you can do to limit the probability of downtime.

Choose the right system

A lot of problems with digital signage displays occur because the wring systems are used. Commercial grade LCD displays for instance are less likely to overheat and can endure the 24 hour on time that many standard devices can’t. They are also built to have a longer initial shelf life.

Protection is crucial

Ensuring the LCD TV and in particular its screen is protected will go a long way to prevent any accidental damage. Even small impacts can disable a TV screen and the screen in particular is extremely vulnerable so some sort of shatterproof protection is a must. LCD enclosures are a simple method of protecting screens from impact damage.

So is temperature control

Shopping malls and retail stores are not the same environment that many LCD TVs are designed to operate in. And often as digital signage screens inside LCD enclosures run at a higher temperatures which is why most LCD enclosures are fitted with cooling fans to ensure the heat does not build up.

Weather protection for Outdoor Digital Signage

The demands on outdoor digital signage are far greater than indoor systems. Not only do the screens need to be housed in a waterproof LCD enclosure but also heaters may have to be considered as well as the additional cooling of temperatures are expected to drop below freezing.

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