Benefits and Drawbacks of Digital Signage

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With such popularity and growth, the digital signage market has become one of the fastest growing industries around. Many people see it as affective and cost effective marketing method. However, unlike other media, establishing a return on investment and working out the effectiveness of a digital signage campaign can be quite difficult.

Establishing the know drawbacks and benefits of digital signage can go some way to help you establish if digital signage is the correct method for your marketing campaign or not.

Protection is vital for outdoor digital signage

Benefits of Digital Signage

  • Low cost advertising – Unlike TV, print or radio advertisements there is no cost other than the initial outlay for the equipment and content.
  • Flexibility – digital signage content is easily controlled and changed. Content can be tailored to particular audiences such as those captive in point of sale queues or in waiting rooms.
  • More engaging – digital signage is far more attractive to the eye as standard static media. Moving images are more eye-catching an appealing to an audience.
  • Multi revenue streams – Advertising space can be sold in digital signage systems allowing extra revenue stream.

Drawbacks of Digital Signage

  • Narrowcast – unlike broadcasting only screens connected to the digital signage network will display content, however, as with broadcasting there is little control as to the types of people who may view the signage and most of the audience may not be your target market.
  • Protection – whilst running digital signage is relatively low cost there is an initial outlay for the screens and other hardware. Ensuring they are protected from accidental (or deliberate) damage is crucial. It is also important to make sure they are operating under perfect conditions with enough airflow to keep them cool.

Digital signage and LCD enclosures often contain fans and other climatic controls to ensure devices don’t overheat. LCD enclosures will also offer protection against accidental damage and attempts to vandalize and tamper with the device. In outdoor digital signage locations protection has to also be offered against the weather but fortunately waterproof digital signage enclosures are common place.

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