Benefits of a Turn-key Digital Signage System

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Digital signage has exploded over the last few years. What started as a very niche market with one or two manufacturers, integrators and installers, has blossomed with literally hundreds of different companies providing all aspects of Dooh (Digital out of home) from hardware, content to displays and installation.

Because of such competition, there is a huge variety of different hardware systems which can make choosing the right system difficult. Some systems come complete with displays, others are empty LCD enclosures that require a screen to be installed some require expert networkers to install, while simpler systems contain inbuilt media players.

While there are a myriad of reasons for embarking on digital signage, and most of these systems are probably relevant for particular signage needs, when first embarking on digital signage just a simple system is perhaps best, especially if you just want to test the water.

There are, however, some great turn-key systems that are ready to use out of the box and are easily installed.

Digital posters

Digital posters are the simplest solution for digital signage, especially for those wishing to try out this new media before making a more definite investment. Digital posters are inexpensive and contain everything you need to run an advertising or digital signage campaign. A screen, indoor enclosure and a media player will all be included in the digital poster system enabling you to place the screen straight on the wall and upload content via USB.

Digital posters can be mounted flat against a wall. This makes them spatially unimposing and very simple to mount.

All-in-one Stand Alone Units

Free standing digital signage

To be more noticeable a more imposing solution may be required. Floor standing digital signage systems are ideal for when space is not a problem as they act as an obstacle, ensuring the display never gets missed by the audience who have to physically negotiate the floor standing unit.

Again, simple all-in-one floor standing digital signage systems comprise everything that is needed for displaying digital signage: screen, media player, and the floor standing digital signage enclosure.

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