Benefits of Outdoor Screens for Schools, Colleges and Universities

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Outdoor digital signage is playing a key communication role for many industries. Whether its advertising, spreading brand awareness or providing customers with important information, outdoor digital signage is an effective communication platform.

"Schools and colleges can benefit from outdoor screens"

But it’s not just business that can take advantage of the benefits of using outdoor digital signage, colleges, schools and universities increasingly are investing in outdoor screens as a means of communicating with students, staff and visitors.

Many modern educational facilities cover large areas, sometimes spread over different campuses in different parts of town. This makes communicating with people extremely challenging, and while modern technology such as email and mobile phones are effective communication mediums, they do have drawbacks.

Not every student and staff member checks his or her email daily, while it is near impossible for a college or university to keep track of everybody’s mobile number, and it’s impossible to communicate with visitors using either method. Outdoor digital signage provides an eye-catching platform that is visible as soon people arrive on site. With a networked system, the same content is easily relayed over screens across large areas, even across town, and the information is disseminated at the same time.

Digital signage screens enable large quantities of information on a single display, saving space, but because of the speed and real-time abilities, it’s when important and emergency information needs relaying that outdoor digital signage really provides benefits.

The need for emergency campus communication was brought to the fore by recent tragedies, such as the Virginia Tech massacre of 2007. In this instance, students weren’t warned of the situation on campus, and many students ended up stumbling into danger, leading to tragedy.

Now, most schools, colleges and universities recognise the need for a clear form of emergency communication. Outdoor digital signage is unrivalled when it comes to relaying such critical messaging. Visible and prominent, an outdoor digital signage system provides important information as soon people arrive on site, ideal for emergency messaging.

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