Boosting Customer Numbers in Retail with Outdoor Digital Signage

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Retailers are no strangers to digital signage. One of the main users of indoor screens, retail has been on the forefront of digital out of home advertising (DOOH) since its arrival a little over a decade ago.

For retailers the advantages of digital signage are plentiful. It allows them to target promotional items to customers, manipulate their shopping and influence behaviour at point of sale. The audience in the store is also targeted. If it’s a close store, it is obvious that the viewers of the screen content will be interested in buying clothes. However, there are limitations to instore screen advertising.

One downside to using instore digital signage is that the people that retailers are advertising too, are already customers or visitors to the store, with a limited amount of expenditure that are willing or able to spend there.

To increase revenues, retailers are always looking for methods of driving more people through the doors, and digital signage can play a part in this too – but not instore.

Outdoor digital signage has several advantages over indoor systems. Firstly, there are far more people outdoors walking around the high street than entering through a store’s doors.

By persuading this audience to visit a store, it will increase the number of customers that go through the doors and ultimately raise revenues, but outdoor digital signage can be fraught with difficulties.

The first hurdle to clear is finding the right location. It has to be somewhere relevant, where potential customers (ie. Shoppers) will be commuting. As outdoor digital signage is less target-orientated you need to find a spot where likely shoppers will be traversing.

The location of the display should also be as noticeable as possible as a sign difficult to see and read will be ineffectual and not generate the leads it is intended to.

Finally, any screen outdoors needs to be protected from the weather, temperature and from impacts and vandalism. All this can be achieved by using a steel outdoor LCD enclosure (or plasma if that is your preference) which will protect the screen from the rigors of weather, attempts at vandalism and prevent it from overheating in the summer or succumbing to the cold during the winter.

Outdoor digital signage can create customers

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