Boosting Your Retail Business – Outdoor Digital Signage

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Retail is one of the leading users of digital signage. In-store display screens have multiple uses for retailers:

• Increasing sales
• Manipulating Customer Choices
• Point of Sale Promotion
• Raising the profile of the business

The great advantage for retailers using digital signage in-store is that the audience that will view it are already customers and are therefore likely to be interested in the promotion/advertisement.

Outdoor Digital Signage can Increase Sales

However, is that really the advantage it sounds? By advertising to your existing customers you are preaching to the already converted – it is the people who don’t visit your store that you need to attract – but how do you do this?

Outdoor Digital Signage

The answer is simple. Take the digital signage displays and place them outside; attracting the passing audience in the hope your advertisements and promotions will attract them into the store.

Of course, display screens designed for indoor use are not going to last long outside in the open air. The first rainfall, deep freeze or heat wave and the screen will most likely fail so what is the solution?

LCD Enclosure

An LCD enclosure is a weatherproof outdoor digital signage enclosure. They are manufactured in various sizes from small and compact 20” enclosures to large 70”. All these LCD enclosures can house standard LCD displays and keep the protected from the rigours of the outside world.

LCD enclosures allow almost any indoor screen to be erected in an outdoor location and as they are commonly manufactured from solid steel they protect against accidental impact and vandalism too. LCD enclosures can be mounted on a wall, ceiling; or even floor mounted, providing a flexible solution for outdoor digital signage.

There is also usually room for a media player or small computer inside the enclosures so you can upload content easily. Alternatively, an outdoor digital signage screen in an LCD enclosure can be connected to the indoor screen network making it just an exterior extension of your whole digital advertising campaign.

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