Brand Building with Outdoor Digital Signage

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Outdoor digital signage has been a boon for brands and generating brand awareness. For many companies building up brand awareness is an integral part of their marketing strategy – a brand is what separates one particular manufacturer or service provider from another. The brand could be the product name, business name, sign, symbol or slogan.

For many industry sectors, the brand is far more important than the product they are attempting to sell, with industries such as fashion and technology heavily reliant on brand identification. So, building up brand awareness is a vital part of ensuring a business, or brand, continues to prosper and to do this requires marketing of the brand to help people identify and begin to trust it.

Outdoor digital signage is effective at generating brand awareness

Generating Brand Awareness

Some companies rely solely on their brand. Many of the sports fashion companies sell products because of their name, not because of the product, as do some famous technology companies that produce phones and tablets.

Outdoor digital signage is a great way of generating brand awareness. Digital signage is not TV, nor is it print – it is a new media which is viewed and engaged with differently. Unlike TV advertisements that last up to 30 seconds, digital signage content is viewed for perhaps 3 seconds maximum – less with outdoor digital signage.

You are, therefore, limited to the amount of content that can be displayed; complicated, multi-product advertisements do not work so well, there is not enough time for people to absorb complicated information like prices, or the main benefits of a feature or product – but there is time a plenty to promote the brand.

Many outdoor digital signage screens do just that; displaying a log or company name with perhaps a brief transition to a slogan; however, some people could deem this as a waste – surely it would be more cost effective to use a print media for such promotion.

Ah, but you are forgetting that digital signage is different enough top be engaged differently. It’s brighter, more eye-catching and with the use of transitions and moving images it draws the eye and is more engaging.

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