Brand Promotion with Digital Signage

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Brand promotion is not the same as advertising or other forms of marketing. Brand promotion is a marketing strategy that attempts to increase awareness of a brand name and increase customer loyalty.

When customers become aware of a brand name and it sticks in their consciousness, they are more likely to buy products related to that brand, even if they have never brought from them before as brand awareness breeds loyalty and trustworthiness—the more somebody sees the name of a brand, the more likely they are to assume the brand is reputable and trustworthy.

Generally, brands that are unknown to people and are not instilled in people’s consciousness perform less well. While brand awareness, once formed, builds up loyalty and consumers repeat purchases from brands time and time again.

Unlike other forms of advertising and promotion, brand awareness is all about repetition. It is the reason companies sponsor sports clubs and teams, and why merchandise such as t-shirts have always been popular with marketers.

Repetition, therefore, is instrumental in generating brand awareness, and there is a new tool available for businesses to build-up brand awareness and loyalty: digital signage.

Indoor and outdoor digital signage while a common form of advertising and promotion is even more useful at raising brand awareness.

Digital signage screens are not viewed like televisions. The dwell time on most digital displays around shopping malls and other locations is only a few seconds—less when it comes to outdoor digital signage. Because of this brief dwell time, particularly with outdoor digital signage, complicated ad promotions are not very effective; however, generating brand awareness by displaying brand images and logos is highly effective with digital signage.

Digital signage and outdoor digital signage are also inexpensive forms of generating brand awareness. Although there is an initial investment in purchasing the screens and installing them, once up, there are no print costs and no need to hire technicians to paste up new content—brand messages can be uploaded remotely and in real time.

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