Challenges of an Outdoor Digital Signage Campaign

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For advertisers, information providers and public services, using  outdoor digital signage  has plenty of be benefits.  Outdoor digital signage  has the potential to reach huge audiences, is engaging and comparatively cost effective, but using digital signage in an outdoor environment also has its challenges too.

Mounted vertically (portrait mode) or horizontally (landscape mode}, an  outdoor digital signage  is a highly effective method to communicating to outdoor audiences. Positioned near an entrance, an outdoor screen is a sure fire way of making sure everybody sees your message. Just as with its indoor counterparts,  outdoor digital signage  is the use of modern, flat panel TV devices as an advertising or information platform, but devices such as LCD or plasma screens are not designed to cope with an outdoor environment.

Digital Signage Enclosure

Any screen, whether plasma or LCD that is required to operate outdoors, needs some form of  digital signage enclosure for protection. Outdoor elements, such as rain, snow, hail and windblown dust will soon cause a standard LCD or plasma screen to fail, while the varied seasonal temperatures could also lead to the device failing.

A  digital signage enclosure  ensures the  outdoor digital signage  is kept dry, free from particulates, such as dust, and can cope with the varied temperatures that may lead to overheating or freezing of the TV device. The great advantage of using a  digital signage enclosure  instead of some specific  outdoor digital signage  device is the flexibility and return on investment they offer.

Return on Investment

Because it houses standard devices, a  digital signage enclosure  has the advantage of offering long-term cost savings. Standard LCD and plasma screen cost a lot less than specific  outdoor digital signage  devices. When it comes to replacement, as the same  digital signage enclosure  can be reused time and time again, these cost savings accumulate, making the return on investment of the original  digital signage enclosure  far greater than with other  outdoor digital signage  solutions.

Ideal for  outdoor digital signage  advertising, outdoor information screens or even using an outdoor TV, these  digital signage enclosures   provide all the protection necessary. The weatherproof systems enable use in all weathers, while the internal temperature control systems mean that the screen can function just as well in the hot temperatures of summer as it can in the freezing temperatures of winter.

Furthermore, a  digital signage enclosure  is tough. Made from steel and with shatterproof screens they are able to withstand even severe impacts, making them ideal for unsupervised locations where vandalism may be a concern. They also provide simplicity when it comes to repair and maintenance as the enclosed device can be taken out and replaced easily, keeping downtime at a minimum.

Outdoor digital signage  is growing rapidly in popularity, but until now, only large advertisers and big name companies have been able to afford it. Now, thanks to the use of the  digital signage enclosure ,  outdoor digital signage  is now possible for all sorts of businesses and services. From schools, colleges and public buildings, to small retailers, an outdoor digital signage campaign can help communicate to huge swathes of people, and with a  digital signage enclosure , this can be achieved at relatively low cost.

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