Choosing a Digital Signage System

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When you are about to embark on a digital signage campaign there are three things that need to be taken into consideration:

  • The location of the digital signage
  • The type of content that will be played
  • The type of signage system to be used

Obviously the first factor will be constrained to where you are permitted to erect signage and the second factor is obviously a concern for the marketing department of your company, however, choosing the right digital signage system is essential for a successful campaign.

There are a number of key points to consider when selecting the signage system. The first point will depend on the location of the advertising campaign, is it indoors or outdoors? If the campaign is to be used as outdoor digital signage then protection for the signage system will be required to defend against the weather. LCD enclosures are best suited for this purpose as they allow conventional LCD TVs to be used in areas that would otherwise be unsuitable for such a device.

The type of content that will be played is also a consideration when thinking of the type of signage system. For instance would sound be a requirement. If it’s not then a simple LCD TV, perhaps enclosed in an LCD enclosure would be he most cost effective solution. However, if sound is required then speakers will need to be fitted although many LCD enclosure manufacturers can adapt their systems to accommodate them.

The size of the signage system is also important to get right. Conventional LCD TV’s vary from several inches to massive 70”+. Obviously a larger screen will be more visible but the larger the size and the higher the costs involved in using such devices for a digital signage campaign.

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