Choosing Content for Outdoor Digital Signage

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Utilising outdoor digital signage is different to that of an indoor campaign. There are aspects to using outdoor digital advertising that don’t occur indoors.

Protection is a good example. Any digital signage that is expected to operate outside has to contend with the weather as well as being rugged enough to deal with any accidental or deliberate impacts but this can be easiliy counterered with an LCD enclosure.

The requirements for content should also differ too. Trying to attract and engage a consumer with the content should be the goal of any digital signage campaign, indoors or out.

However, the type of content that people are attracted to outside can differ to what may attract somebody in an indoor location. Furthermore, people standing in a nice warm shop may be willing to spend several minutes watching your digital signage campaign, however, in the rain and cold, how long will somebody stand to watch your content?

Also, if outdoor digital signage is on a high street or a busy commuter run, people rushing to and from work may not want to spend time watching a prolonged advertising campaign.

The relevancy of content needs also to be considered when it comes for content in outdoor locations. A store, may for example, have an indoor digital signage campaign that highlights individual products, this may work well for the consumers in the store who are aware of what the shops sells and have probably called in to purchase an item. Indoor digital signage is useful in perhaps influencing them to buy a different or upgraded version of what they came in for.

However, in an outdoor campaign, content needs to be broader, rather than highlighting specific niche lines, it would be wiser to advertise special offers or upcoming sales as most of the viewers aren’t on the look out for your stock but they may be in the future or could find the digital signage content stays with them, if it is a particular good deal, and they may visit the store the next time they go shopping.

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