Choosing Your Integrators – Who to Trust in the Digital Signage World

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As a new industry there are several things that the digital signage market lacks. As a new and constantly changing industry there are no true experts in the guru sense – everybody is learning their way, even the large providers and installers.

Every failed project in the digital signage market and every bad business transaction can reflect the entire industry as a whole. There is no formal regulation and this can lead to the industry becoming fragmented and full of fly-by-night start-ups that leave failed projects and disgruntled customers in their wake.

Trust, therefore, is a big factor for people when looking for partners and suppliers. In such a short time it is near impossible for companies to provide a high level reliability and confidence. as trust has to be earned and few in the digital signage market have been going long enough, so how do you know who to trust when looking for a partner?

Digital signage is a niche industry, whether its installers, hardware producers, Av suppliers or outdoor digital signage specialists. Much of what goes on is vertical with AV installers, content providers and hardware manufacturers working together in a vertical market. So business relationships are developing which can provide a firm foundation for customers to develop trust as all companies working together will be keen not to let down the other partners.

Experience is another factor in ensuring you are working with a company you can trust. There is a lot of ‘can do’ attitudes in the digital signage industry, and while it is one thing to be willing, to have the expertise to carry forward a complicated AV project requires a skill-set developed over time.

Reputation is another factor that should be looked at when looking at providers and partners. As with any business, before you hand over your companies money, a level of due diligence should be performed, especially with so many new businesses starting up and promising the world.

Enquire as to the experience, business relationships and run your own checks on their company, are they a registered business or limited company? If not, then they may only be a start up company or a business that is struggling to keep its head above water.


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