Communicating with the Community – digital signage for schools and religious buildings

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Providing information to the local community is important for several community centric locations in most towns and villages. In many communities upcoming events need to be relayed as does important information and outdoor digital signage is providing to be the perfect media for such communication.

Using outdoor digital signage enables information to be updated at will, in real time and remotely ensuring that all the screens around premises are displaying the right information. Here are some local community buildings where outdoor digital signage is already being installed and the uses they find for it:


Schools, colleges and universities are implementing digital signage in multiple areas; from the classroom to the gymnasium and outdoor digital signage as part of their information provision. Outdoor digital signage allows education facilities like the above to not only communicate with staff and pupils entering and leaving the facility but also the local community, which is important for many areas as schools and colleges no longer just provide facilities for students but provide other services to the local community too.

On a darker not, with gun related incidence and other emergency situations a concern in educational institutes, outdoor digital signage enables authorities to place emergency warnings, instantly, to warn those entering the campus as to the situation.

Religious Buildings

Churches, mosques, temples and synagogues traditionally employ outdoor noticeboards to keep the community abreast of upcoming events, prayer times and social activities but outdoor digital signage provides an even better platform for disseminating such information.

With congregation numbers falling attracting people into churches and other religious buildings can become increasingly difficult. Outdoor digital signage is not only effective at getting information across but it does so in a more engaging and eye-catching manner attracting more notice than traditional static posters and signs.

Community centres

Outdoor digital signage is also being used outside community centres to inform and promote local services and events. Again, the realtime and remote nature of the content uploading makes providing this information a lot easier using digital signage than traditional messaging.

Digital signage at a school

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