Cost Effective Methods of Implementing Digital Signage

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While digital signage has flourished in shopping malls, chain stores, airports and on mainstream out of home advertising hoardings, smaller retailers and businesses are quite often reluctant to install digital signage, with the high prices and complexity involved, putting them off.

While digital signage used to be a complicated and expensive business, requiring specialists in networking, content creation and AV integration, all of which made any digital signage project extremely expensive.

Things have changed in recent years, however, with digital signage hardware and implementation, falling in cost and reducing in complexity.

All-in-one Digital Signage

Simple, all-in-one digital signage systems offer a turnkey, plug and play solution ideal for businesses only wanting to install one or two screens. Different types of the all-in-one systems offer varying options for different applications.

Digital posters are perhaps the simplest solution. These wall-mounted panels have in-built media players that allow the uploading of content via a USB port. With different settings, including loop play, poster systems come in several sizes from 20” to 40”.

LCD advertising display are similar to digital poster systems, but come in a landscape mode. Ideal for providing information, the displays are sleek in design and provide a professional-looking digital signage system.

For a more prominent all-in-one solution, freestanding digital signage displays provides all the benefits of a digital poster or advertising display ie: simple to use, ready to run media player etc, but has the ability to be sited anywhere and provides a more eye-catching and engaging form of digital signage.

Outdoor Digital Signage

Outdoor digital signage has many advantages, such as the size of the audience and an opportunity to entice people inside a store with promotional offers, but traditionally, outdoor screen have proved too expensive for all but large businesses. However, even placing a screen outdoors can be affordable.

With a wide selection of sizes and style of LCD enclosure available, from wall mounted to freestanding outdoor digital signage, placing a screen outdoors can be relatively straightforward. Allowing you to use standard displays, LCD enclosures not only keep them protected in outdoor environments, but are also far more affordable than other forms of outdoor TV.

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