Cost Effective Outdoor TV for Pubs and Bars

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With anti-smoking laws and a growing trend for more continental style drinking and eating habits, many bars, clubs, restaurants and other leisure businesses are looking at outdoor TVs to entertain patrons and help increase revenues.

Placing a TV outside is a great boon for bars especially in the summer months or in warmer locations. Enabling people to watch a big ball game or other event outside a bar can attract customers to the premises and draw in larger crowds, increasing revenue and creating a busier and more exciting atmosphere.

Sourcing an Outdoor TV

Outdoor and weatherproof TVs are becoming more common and easier to source but they are incredibly expensive in comparison to standard commercial TVs. They are continuing to fall in price as the technology becomes more readily available but they are still currently many times the price of standard devices.

Protecting IT

Despite the increasing availability of these waterproof TVs, simply using one for an outdoor TV in a public bar is often not sufficient protection enough.

Other considerations need be assessed when installing a TV device in an outdoor location: security, theft and vandalism can be a concern in a public location or when the bar closes; temperature, the ambient range can vary throughout the year and can hit both hot and cold extremes; sunlight, direct sunlight can wash out a screen making it unreadable and cause overheating.

LCD enclosures – cost effective outdoor TV

LCD enclosures

A far more cost effective method of using a TV in an outdoor location whilst ensuring it is protected from all above elements. LCD enclosures are designed for just such a purpose. Not only do they offer security, being manufactured from solid steel and all-weather protection (including temperature control) but also the biggest advantage with them is that they can house standard TV devices and allow their use outdoors.

This can be a huge cost saving, especially for bars rolling out outdoor TVs to multiple locations as the combined cost of an LCD enclosure and a standard commercial grade TV is often a lot less than the price of a specific outdoor TV.

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