Could Mobile Advertising Usurp Digital Signage?

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Digital signage has rapidly expanded across the globe and has become one of the most beneficial and low cost advertising methods. By generating flexible eye-catching content, digital signage can reach large audiences. For a comparatively low cost compared to other advertising mediums.

However, with the introduction of the new generation of mobile phones such as the i-Phone and tablet PC’s such as the iPad; a new method of mass advertising is starting to emerge that could even usurp digital signage as a cost effective advertising method.

Mobile advertising is not a new concept; advertisements have been sent to mobile phones pretty much since they first evolved text messaging. However, with current Wi-fi networks and other types of connectivity, mobile networks are now able to target individual users via their preferences or even location.

Could mobile advertising replace digital signage

With current technology, it is now possible for an advertiser to beam content direct to phone or tablet, once that person has entered a desired location – perhaps near to a particular retail store.

Equally, technology currently used by internet search engines that saves peoples search data means that mobile advertisers can also target their advertisements, something digital signage can not do.

The success of mobile advertising is also easily measured as advertisers can see quite clearly if a user has visited a store following the delivery of an advertisement.

It is still unclear if this new advertising medium will follow the success of digital signage, or even usurp it as there are too many unknowns. Just because the technology is available it doesn’t necessarily mean consumers will want to have unsolicited adverts beamed to their devices and often when travelling around high streets, the content may not get read until the user has passed the desired location. It will also be possible for people to either opt out of mobile advertising or just switch their devices off.

Digital signage on the other hand can not be switched off, can be displayed in relevant locations and while it can not be targeted to specific audiences digital signage, particularly outdoor digital signage can still be viewed by large numbers.

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