Debate over Future Success of Outdoor Digital Signage

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Out of home advertising has changed over the last decade with the rise of digital signage. The fall in price of LCD and other flat screen technology means that increasingly, these modern digital displays are replacing the static posters and other out of home advertising around our cities and towns.

According to a report in the Economist, digital out of home (Dooh) is expected to continue to grow with media researchers suggesting that out of home advertising expanding over the next few years, with digital signage spending expected to increase to $5.2 billion a year—which would make it an extremely prosperous part of the market, particularly as advertising revenue from other forms of advertising media (newspapers, TV, radio etc) are shrinking.

While there is a consensus that the future of out of home is certainly looking prosperous, there is some debate as to what the role of outdoor digital signage will play.

Figures from the industries two leading out of home advertising companies, Clear Channel and JCDecaux were both quoted in Economist, and both agreed that digital would soon make up most of their business in the future; however, while Clear Channel International Operations Manager, Williams Eccleshare suggested digital would account for perhaps 90% of future income, Jean-Charles Decaux, head of JCDecaux sounded less optimistic.

He said, while a significant switch to digital is expected, he suggested it would mainly be inside airports, transport hubs, shopping malls and other ‘controlled environments’ citing the risk of vandalism as a reason why outdoor digital signage will lag behind and be far slower to move away from static signs.

Growth of Outdoor Digital Signage

However, dispelling this opinion is a recent study by the UK’s Outdoor Media Centre (Formerly the Outdoor Advertising Association) suggests that outdoor digital signage is expanding rapidly with 12.5% of all new outdoor signs.

While vandalism is a prime concern for any outdoor advertiser, especially considering the initial investment of outdoor digital signage, there are many solutions for protecting outdoor screens from the attention of vandals.

Outdoor LCD enclosures are one such solution. Providing a steel impenetrable barrier to prevent tampering and with shatterproof screens, LCD enclosures can prevent even the most determined and tenacious vandal.

With higher audience figures and less digital competition outdoor digital signage has great appeal for out of home advertisers and is sure to become as dominant as indoor digital signage.



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