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Digital out of home (Dooh) is one of the most effective advertising mediums in the digital age with its effectiveness surpassing that of the internet, mobile advertising and other modern ad promotions.

Digital signage is still expanding with more and more screens being erected all the time in shopping malls, airports, gas stations, convenience stores and other indoor locations. And digital screens are now seeping into outdoor environments too as advertisers realise the many benefits of outdoor digital signage.

Rewards of Outdoor

Outdoor digital signage’s biggest advantage is the amount of views they can receive in comparison to indoor systems. Outdoor audiences are much larger than those of indoors. Not only are there more people outside but an outdoor sign can be viewed by not just passers-by but also those travelling around in vehicles and public transport.

Also, outdoor locations have less digital competition (at the moment) with fewer digital signs enabling digital outdoor signs to be more noticeable.

Outdoor digital signage is also very effective at night becoming even more noticeable as the back-lit displays become very visible providing a 24-hour advertising solution.

Challenges of Outdoor

The weather is one of the biggest challenges of outdoor digital signage as an outdoor screens needs to be waterproof and resistant to temperature variations – avoiding overheating and increase in freezing; outdoor displays need also to be rugged and robust to defend against vandalism and accidental impacts.

LCD enclosures are commonly used outdoors as they protect standard screens (even consumer grade) against the weather and vandalism. However, bright sunlight can cause a screen to be difficult to read so it is recommended that a high brightness device is used in areas of bright sunshine.

Despite the challenges, outdoor digital signage is becoming increasingly common and now makes up a large percentage of the total outdoor advertising market and is continuing to grow.

The benefits of outdoor far outweigh the challenges

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