Digital Districts – Digital Signage Helping City Regeneration

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There are many advantages to digital signage:

● It’s eye-catching ● Dynamic ● Engaging ● Flexible ● Cost effective

In fact digital screens used for out of home information and advertising have revolutionised the way retailers and other advertisers communicate with their customers providing a low cost solution that can reach large audiences, especially with outdoor digital signage.

Yet, there has been another unforeseen use for digital signage which is allowing many areas to change the nature and look of city centres, helping with the regeneration plans of many local authorities, town halls and councils.

Outdoor digital signage is a great way of introducing modernity to an area and can change the look and feel of whole areas in a neighbourhood.

Many cities are now using digital signage as part of whole digital districts package, regenerating small areas using technology such as outdoor digital signage to not only create a modern look and feel about the place but also to create areas where technology businesses can thrive with access to other digital technologies such as high speed fibre optic broadband and other new innovations.

Digital signage is a great way to create a modern and exciting look to even the dourest looking cityscapes. Once the old ripped and shabby bill posters are removed and replaced with modern outdoor digital signage.

It is amazing the effect outdoor digital signage can have on a town centre, even a traditional one, adding as it does a touch of modernity.

But the practicalities of outdoor digital signage far exceed the advantages of the aesthetics. DS screens are not just an advertiser’s tool but can provide helpful and useful information such as wayfinding providing a modern, practical and stylish approach to information provision.

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