Digital Menu Boards and Restaurant Digital Signage

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Restaurant Digital signage is highly effective, especially the fast food industry and short order outlets such as coffee shops and sandwich bars. People often visit these locations because of the speedy service, and digital signage can help make the experience a better one for the customer.

outdoor totem for digital signage

Outdoor totems make ideal platforms for digital signage menu boards

Digital menu boards are now a common sight in many fast food restaurants. Essentially, they are just digital signage screens with food items displayed on them, along with pricing information. Unlike static menu boards, digital menu boards have the advantage of being far more flexible. Often, fast food restaurants and other short order outlets have continually changing menus with specials and promotions a regular feature. While traditional menus have to be reprinted to accommodate new menu items, digital menu boards are easily updated.

Another great advantage to using digital menu boards is the ability to show food and beverage items in video. This can make a big difference to the appeal of items as hot food can be shown with steam coming off it and cold drinks can literally drip with moisture, providing more tempting imagery for people.

While most fast food and short order outlets use digital menu boards inside premises, they are even more effective outside, with the content helping to tempt people to come in and order. For these types of businesses, this is important as customers have a large choice of different outlets to choose from and decisions are often made on a whim.

Placing a digital menu board outside, or just inside a doorway is an ideal way of enticing people to come inside and order. The perfect platform for such content is the totem display. Totem displays are highly prominent. Often wall mounted displays or those in windows are easily overlooked as people walk by, but a totem display can be prominent and engaging, helping draw people’s attention to the content.

Often seen in drive-through or in fast food restaurant entrances, the right sized totem display can also show a great deal of content, with whole menus and all the pricing relevant information. This can help speed up service as it avoids people standing at counters making their decisions it also provides the customer with a better experience as they can make decisions quicker and easier.

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