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The digital out of home revolution had modernised many retail and shopping malls and changed the face of advertising in many sectors. No longer are adverts tired and dull with static images, now full colour moving images are drawing the eye in many locations.
But this digital revolution isn’t just changing the way stores and the retail sector is choosing to advertising either, other sectors have been finding uses for digital signage.

Outdoor digital signage is dynamic and engaging

Transportation is one area that has found digital advertising a useful tool. Buses, trains and even taxis are now being fitted with digital signage screens to help entertain passengers. This infotainment is often mixed in with advertisements allowing the bus or transport companies to offset the cost of the signage screens with the advertisers.

Similar systems have been installed in surgery waiting rooms and pharmacies to help entertain patients who are have to wait for prescriptions or to see a doctor; but digital advertising is also expanding to the world outside.

Outdoor digital signage and advertising is reaching far more people than indoor methods of out of home advertising. Just think of the potential audience numbers, no matter how popular a shopping mall or retail park is, there will be just as many people walking past as will be entering the doors.This is the real advantage of outdoor digital signage as large audiences can be reached without a large initial outlay – unlike broadcasting or other forms of mass media advertising.

The only challenges you face with outdoor digital advertising is ensuring the screen is protected from the elements and is secured against damage, theft or vandalism.

There are numerous methods of protecting outdoor screens such as using a waterproof digital signage enclosure. These weatherproof LCD enclosures keep the LCD or plasma screen out of the elements whilst providing a rugged steel enclosure to counter any impacts.

Outdoor digital signage is a simple method of generating more brand awareness and with a waterproof LCD enclosure, implementing outdoor digital advertising can be straight forward.

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