Digital Posters – Dynamic and Attractive Digital Signage

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Digital signage has begun to replace nearly all the traditional print media that has adorned our shopping malls, retail parks and department stores. From roadside digital billboards that have replaced the large side-of-the-road print hoardings to small point of sale signs – digital signage is now everywhere.

The traditional poster has also been given a digital facelift providing a flexible, dynamic and stylish alternative to the printed poster.

Digital Posters are stylish and flexible

Posters have long been a practical and more aesthetically appealing method of advertising. Often combining art, imagery and branding, poster s have been used to provide visual appeal along with traditional advertising.

Often in commercial posters, music, films, fashion and other creative industries are often advertised using posters. Posters are also very flexible and can literally be placed on any wall that has the space.

Digital posters create an even more stylish and dynamic approach to poster advertising. Using media players a digital poster can provide changing imagery, including moving images that can be really eye-catching.

Creative industries are often advertised on posters

These digital or electronic posters make use of standard LCD devices that can be used in either portrait or landscape behind a stylish LCD enclosure. The digital poser is incredibly flexible, allowing content to be uploaded or changed depending on the requirements of campaigns.

Digital posters are also simple and easy to use. Once erected to a wall they require just a power source before they are ready to run – with content easily uploaded by USB or flash drive.

Digital e-posters are providing a dynamic and attractive approach to simple and effective LCD digital signage.

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