Digital Signage and IT Systems Everywhere with LCD Enclosures

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It is now official – there is pretty much nowhere on Earth where digital signage cannot be placed. Whether it is in the frozen wastes inside the Arctic Circle or the baking heat of New Mexico desert, LCD and plasma screens are capable of delivering your message to the world – anywhere!

Protecting digital signage in these types of locations is a challenge in itself and is made possible thanks to the flexibility of LCD enclosures. An LCD enclosure is more than just a protective box to house flat screen displays and defend against the elements. A decent LCD enclosure should be an entire environment, ideally suited for a LCD or plasma to operate in.

No matter what the ambient temperature outside, a well-made LCD enclosure should contain a steady and ideal operating temperature for the enclosed LCD. Whether the atmospheric climate is sub-zero or over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the internal temperature of the LCD enclosure should remain the same.

LCD enclosures can even be used in artificial environments such as chillers, freezers or even in ovens/furnaces. LCD enclosures and outdoor digital signage are not the only types of hardware that uses this type of technology. Enclosures are available for PC’s, printers and other display devices enabling any IT system to be used in these areas too thnaks to industrial computer enclosures.

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