Digital Signage and the Benefits for Small Business

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Running a small business has probably never been as difficult as it has in the modern financial climate. Each and every day, hundreds of small businesses close their doors permanently.

Keeping afloat and ensuring your business continues to thrive is dependent on customers, however, ensuring enough customers know who you are is a continual process and the marketing of any small business is vital for its survival.

However, marketing is not cheap, with so many telephone directories; an unlimited amount of internet sites and search engines; not to mention TV and radio advertising – knowing what to spend your money on can be really difficult.

The return of investment with advertising, on any medium, can only be measured by how much extra trade that it brings. For this reason, few small businesses can afford the high cost of TV or radio advertising, despite the fact that it may generate a lot more custom because the initial outlay exceeds any return the advertising generates.

Digital signage is one marketing method that is extremely cost effective and can provide a return on investment for small businesses, particularly if it is done right. Whilst digital signage involves the use of flat screen displays such as LCD or plasma for advertising purposes, the costs can still be reduced to a more manageable level.

Outdoor digital signage, in particular, has a high initial outlay, due to the costs of purchasing weatherproof TV systems suitable for outdoors. However, while the effectiveness of outdoor digital signage is higher that of indoor signage due to the higher number of people passing by, reducing the initial outlay is one method of ensuring a better return on investment.

Using standard TV screens, the type commonly associated with home viewing is one method. They still have to be protected from the elements of course but his can be done a lot less expensively by enclosing the standard TV in an outdoor LCD enclosure.

These LCD enclosures offer the same level of protection as expensive outdoor TV systems but cost a fraction of the price and even combined with the price of an enclosed LCD or plasma TV, it is still nowhere near as high as a bespoke system.

By using LCD enclosures and standard TV devices any small business can take advantage of this effective advertising and marketing solution and make a lot clearer return on investment.

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