Digital Signage and the Benefits of Going Outdoors

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Digital signage has literally exploded in recent years. Since the development of flat panel TVs in the late nineties they have completely usurped the home TV market as well as seeping out of home to now litter the shopping malls, stores and transport hubs of our cities and towns.

And these digital out of home systems are now seeping outside to the high street with outdoor digital signage becoming a large part of the entire outdoor advertising sector – but s outdoor digital signage really worth the headache and expense?

While it is true that outdoor TV systems require protection from the elements, and added cost that doesn’t affect indoor systems, there are many great advantages to using digital signage outdoors.

The first advantage is the increased size of the audience. No matter how busy a shopping mall or retail unit is, there will be far more people outside the store than in so advertising to such larger numbers means more people will see your message. And it is not just passersby who get to view your message either. Those driving through the town or travelling on public transport also get to see the message, generating even higher viewing figures.

Secondly, because of the proliferation of digital signage in recent years we are now very accustomed to seeing these screens around our malls and shopping areas; however, outdoor digital signage is not nearly as widespread as indoor systems so there is less competition in outdoor environments which makes any outdoor digital sign easier to stand out and get noticed if the only competition is less attractive static signage.

Another advantage to outdoor digital signage is its night time notcieability. When darkness falls and static signs long become invisible in the gloom, outdoor digital signage becomes even more noticeable with its illumination impossible to miss.

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