Digital Signage and the Environment

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The environment is now a key concern for many people. Many business and industries are doing their level best to cut down on emissions and reduce consumption. However, as more and more companies are resorting to digital signage and out of home media as part of their marketing strategy, is it indicative to a green approach to business?

There is no question that digital signage has disadvantages for the environment. Flat screen TVs such as LCD and plasma use power which obviously has to be generated somewhere, however, this does not necessarily mean that digital signage is bad for environment as you have to consider several other factors.

Firstly, digital signage is a new media and while it is not always being used successfully or wisely, eventually as clearer and more defined methods of utilising digital advertising become known and people get a better understanding of the return of investment, its use will become more streamlined.

As a marketing tool, digital signage is part or a marketing strategy; however, in many cases the use of screens for advertising is replacing the traditional methods such as printed media. So when it comes to the environment, you can only judge digital signage by the technology it replaces, and while clearly digital signage in use consumes power, when you consider the carbon expenditure on traditional media such as bill boards and posters, where technicians have to derive around and install them regularly, digital signage can be argued to be greener.

Secondly, despite flatscreen technology advancing in leaps and bounds, it is still a new technology and as it develops it is becoming more and more efficient. Backlit LED screens are now starting to emerge, especially in the world of outdoor digital signage and these use drastically less power than conventional LCD screens.

Whilst there can’t be any doubt that digital signage is a power consuming technology, it is no more damaging to the environment than the media it is replacing and as technology advances so the impact of digital signage on the environment will be lessened.

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