Digital Signage and the Healthcare Sector

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Perhaps one of the most surprising things about the rise of digital signage has been its uptake in the healthcare sector. The healthcare sector has adopted digital signage in all sorts of locations and environments, perhaps more so than any other industry, with doctor’s surgeries, pharmacies, clinics, hospitals and treatment centers using screens for a multitude of applications.

Digital signage provides healthcare institutions with the ability to communicate clearly and effectively with patients, helping both the medical setting function smoothly and the service users have a better experience.

Digital signage has several useful functions around healthcare settings:

Patient handling—in many surgeries and consulting rooms, handling patient check-in can create many challenges, especially during busy periods. Digital signage screens help streamline the process and make it more efficient, displaying patient names or using a number system.

  • Patient information—digital signage helps keep patients informed of important information relating to the medical setting. Waiting times, procedures and medical guidance can be delivered directly. Tailored information can also meet specific needs such as medical information supplied to pregnant women in antenatal clinics, or dietary advice in slimming centers.
  • Entertainment—during lengthy waiting periods, using screens to keep service users entertained can help improve the experience for patients. Medical related documentary excerpts are a commonly displayed on digital signage in waiting areas, providing both useful information and entertainment
  • Advertising—having a captured audience of a specific demographic enable advertisers to reach service users directly. Using advertisements interlaced with other content, whether that’s entertainment or information, provides a revenue stream for the healthcare setting that can help pay for the signage network.
  • Communication—digital signage provides effective communication to both staff and service users, ensuring important information is relayed to everybody within the healthcare setting.

Throughout many medical settings, digital signage provides so many benefits that it is becoming an integral part of healthcare, helping to streamline services, make the processes more efficient enabling more people to be seen, whilst also improving the experience for service users.


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