Digital Signage and What Location!

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With such a fast paced growing industry as digital signage with so many campaigns springing up many marketers are anxious to get involved and come up with their own digital advertising campaign.

However, a digital signage campaign should never be rushed. Any digital advertising campaign will result in some initial outlay and getting a return on this investment will only be achievable if the signage campaign is well-thought out and is achieving its potential.

One of the most important aspects of any signage campaign – digital or otherwise – is location. Location is vital, any signage will only have an effect if people are seeing it and the more people see the campaign, the more effective it will be.

The best location for any signage campaign is often based on a number of things, where the signage is allowed to be placed is perhaps the first factor to be ascertained before planning any campaign.

When planning areas that could be used for erecting digital signage it is key to analyse the number of people who will become in visible range of the sign and to maximise the citing of the sign to make it as clearly visible as possible.

Digital signage should be erected as close to eye level as possible. In the early days of digital signage there was a trend fro erecting TVs to the ceiling. While these overhanging systems were out of the way and didn’t take up any valuable retail space. However, it soon became evident that the digital signage was being totally ignored by the audience as it was too high to attract any attention so mounting a TV at eye level is crucial.

Another method of increasing the number of people that view the digital signage is to mount it outdoors. The number of people that can potentially view an outdoor digital signage campaign is a lot higher than for an indoor system.

Even placed outside a retail establishment, a correctly cited LCD or plasma will be spotted by not just those entering the store but also passersby walking past.

Outdoor digital signage, if it is in the open air, will obviously need to be protected but an outdoor LCD enclosure will do this for you, ensuring the enclosed device is protected from the rain and other elements.

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