Digital Signage and your Workforce

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For those of you who have come across the term digital signage before, you may be excused in thinking that this new medium was all about advertising. And while increasing brand awareness and driving sales is certainly one aspect of using LCD screens for commercial purposes there are others.

Digital signage screens have proved advantageous in other areas too, with the technology helping to not only drive sales but also increase productivity amongst the workforce too.

LCD screens are now being used in all sorts of businesses as a communication tool for employees and workers. From productivity goals and quotas, the relaying of industry news to the provision of time sensitive information, digital screens are providing a useful tool in many business sectors.

It’s not just the convenience either that makes it a useful tool for production lines. With digital screens being used for the important information employees need, it is more efficient and the likelihood of mistakes is greatly reduced. It also means that real time information can be supplied across a site – no matter how large, proving a real boon in emergency or time critical situations.

Digital screens are now commonly being used in warehouses, factory floors, garages and production lines as these are often areas where workers are not sat at desks or have access to computers and emails.

Digital signage screens can also be hooked up to a company’s intranet or other networked computer system.

In fact the only downside to using digital signage in industrial and business locations is the need to protect them from the hazards of the shop floor. Water, dust, dirt, risk of impacts and electrical surges are all commonplace in these sorts of locations.

However, protective LCD enclosures that are designed to cope with all these industrial demands enable any commercial grade LCD (or even a standard device) to be used in even the harshest industrial location.

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