Digital Signage around Campus – Advantages of DS for Universities

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Digital signage is a real boon for universities. It is a cost effective and flexible method of supplying information that can provide a far better solution to many of the methods traditionally used around campus.

For any modern university or educational establishment, digital signage can provide many real benefits and while there are costs involved and other considerations such as generating and supplying content, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

Keeping People Informed in Real Time

There is no better way for keeping students and visitors informed. The traditional notice board can often become a mess of clutter as older messages get left up and newer notices have to scramble for wall space.

Another problem with the bulletin board is that often it can not only take time to place new information on each notice board but also it could be days before the intended recipients get to see it. And when information is really crucial such as in times of emergency; information needs to be distributed as soon as possible. With indoor and outdoor digital signage information can be displayed on all screens across campus and in real time.

Cost Savings – Fund Raising

Whilst there is an initial cost outlay with introducing DS screens across campus the return on this investment can be made quite quickly when you consider the money save in printing and distributing posters and other print media.

However, there can often be an additional cost in generating content. Whilst some institutions create their content in-house, some can find they don’t have the resources or skill-set to be able to do so. While employing a content creation company to generate it for you is one solution, albeit a costly one, partnerships in which advertising can be displayed in return for content creation (and in many cases the digital signage screens themselves) is a simple but cost effective solution.

However, as the technology for digital signage becomes more user friendly to create, any basic knowledge of modern computers is sufficient to create simple but effective messages using standard software most likely already installed on the IT department’s machines.

Eco friendly

By doing away with all that paper, the environment will also benefit from installing digital signage. While there is some energy consumption is required for powering the screens; this is surprisingly low in modern TV systems and is getting less all the time with each new generation of screens.


Universities are now as competitive as other industries and creating the right image is important to attract new students and investment. Digital signage can go a long way to helping create the right image for a university as the modern and dynamic signage screens, especially when they are installed in an attractive LCD enclosure which makes them look so much better than a paper strewn notice or bulletin board.

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