Digital Signage Design – Mounting Screens for Advertising

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Digital signage screens are a common sight. You can find screens selling everything from pharmaceuticals to cars in locations as diverse as gas stations, shopping malls and even along the high street with outdoor digital signage.

One interesting aspect of this surge in the use of out of home screens is the myriad of shapes, sizes and designs that are used. Despite their appearance, digital signage screens are pretty much identical to conventional flat screen televisions.

Most digital signage screens are just conventional LCD or plasma screens housed in some form of digital signage enclosure; these can be protective enclosures like Armagard’s outdoor LCD enclosures, or just aesthetic enclosures to provide an attractive housing for the display.

These methods of enclosing and mounting screens for advertising come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs but they follow some basic precepts:


Orientation of a TV screen can be done in two ways: landscape, the conventional way we view a television at home, or portrait, mounting the screen vertically. Often simple digital posters are mounted in portrait mode as this is a similar aspect to print media posters we are all used to.

Wall/Ceiling Mounted

Quite common for landscape screens is to mount them on either a ceiling or wall. A lot of information screens are in landscape mode and often mounted on ceilings. This is not ideal for advertising screens as it can be all too easy for the audience to walk underneath without noticing the display. For information screens this is not too much of a problem as the audience tends to seek out the information the screen is displaying anyway.

Wall mounted screens are far more common for advertising and are commonly mounted in portrait mode which is more conducive to the type of advertising content being displayed.

Floor Standing Totems

Perhaps the most effective form of advertising display for digital signage, is the freestanding, or floor standing totem. Totems are effective at advertising as they create a centerpiece that is difficult to ignore. Often built to have the screen at eye-level or close to it as possible, totems are difficult to ignore.

free standing digital signage display enclosure

Floor standing totem

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