Digital Signage Enclosures Explained

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What is a digital signage enclosure? Enclosures for digital signage are protective cabinets that ensure the screens are protected from impacts and environmental damage. They are used in both indoor environments and for outdoor digital signage.

Why the need for an Enclosure? Protection is crucial for LCD screens if they are taken out of the home and placed in a public area. Not only are they susceptible to accidental impacts but also signage screens can often make a tempting target for vandals and thieves.

But protection from impacts is only part of the reason why enclosures are required. For outdoor digital signage there is need to ensure the screen is waterproof and protected from the other weather elements. There is also temperature to consider which is why many digital signage and LCD enclosures have cooling fans and even heaters installed to keep the screens cool/warm depending on the ambient temperature.

Types of digital signage enclosure

LCD Enclosures – a simple an commonly used protective housing that are often used for outdoor digital signage protection. LCD enclosures can be mounted on a wall, ceiling or placed on a pedestal.

They are often built to international guidelines such as NEMA 4 (IP65) to ensure waterproof protection whilst also containing the climatic systems mentioned above. They are also often manufactured from mild or stainless steel.

Floor Standing Digital Signage Enclosures – A more prominent method of digital signage, floor standing signage enclosures are often designed as kiosks or centrepieces which makes them more noticeable than other methods of housing screens however, they do take up more space than an LCD enclosure or other method.

Digital Posters and other Digital Signage Solutions – For indoor use simple enclosures that do not contain any climatic controls and offer limited protection. Ideal for use in indoor areas where they are placed flush against a wall to minimise damage. The enclosure of a digital poster is more for aesthetics than protection.

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