Digital Signage for Churches, Temples, Mosques and Synagogues

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Perhaps there is no more important message to get across than the word of God, which is perhaps why more and more religious organisations and buildings are installing digital signage, not just inside the prayer rooms but also outside the place of worship.

Using LCD and plasma TV screens as ecclesiastical message board systems, is the perfect method of attracting new worshipers and spreading the religious messages to the local population which is why more and more religious organizations are turning to digital signage systems.

For conventional indoor use, most standard commercial LCD and plasma TVs will do a fine job of relaying the spiritual message to the congregation; however, to spread the message to a wider audience then the digital signage system needs to be taken outside of the church, temple, mosque or synagogue.

However, conventional LCD and plasma TVs are not suitable for outdoor use. Not only will they be severely damaged by any rainfall or other adverse weather conditions, but they are also, quite sadly, vulnerable to attack from vandals or thieves.

To ensure the protection of a screen used as Digital Signage for Churches, not just from unsavoury characters but also from the rain, direct sunlight, snow, ice and everything else our weather systems throw at us, then an LCD enclosure is the perfect solution.

LCD enclosures are more than just protective cabinets for TV screens, they are designed to ensure they are not only resistant to water (to IP65 or NEMA 4), weather and extreme temperatures but also can cope with an attack from the most persistent of vandals or determined of thieves.

Solid steel construction, security locks and internal environmental systems ensure that the digital signage is not jus protected but encased in the perfect working environment fro modern TV devices like LCD or plasmas.

LCD enclosures are the perfect method for spreading religious messages. They don’t have the bulky look of industrial devices and are quite sleek and attractive units won’t look out of place in the front of any religious building.

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