Digital Signage for Factories

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Factories come in all shapes and sizes. From tiny production lines producing handfuls of products in back offices to football pitch sized industrial units generating millions of mass produced items each year, yet more and more factory digital signage is finding its way on to the shop floor.

Factories and industrial plants can vary in their environments, some are grimy and dirty with many processes generating dust, liquids, vibrations and other hazards, while other factories in contrast are spotless or contain wash down environments that are constantly jet washed to keep everything clean.

These opposing environments provide different challenges when it comes to implementing factory digital signage. Nearly all the elements generated by factory processes – whether its dust or the liberal use of water to wash down areas – are potentially damaging to the basic LCD or plasma screens used in digital signage.

To protect the industrial digital signage it is imperative they are housed in good quality  industrial LCD enclosures. An LCD enclosure can protect all types and sizes of digital signage against almost any of the harsh elements found in factory locations.

Waterproof LCD enclosures and dustproof LCD enclosures will prevent any of the harsh elements from penetrating the digital signage device, even allowing the digital signage to be jet washed along with other equipment, perfect for food manufacturing facilities or areas where hygiene is a prerequisite.

Even excessive temperatures can be countered with some LCD enclosures which can even be situated in chillers or next to furnaces as they have additional heating/cooling systems inside the enclosures.

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