Digital signage for factory Use

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Factory floors can be hostile areas. Dust, dirt, heavy machinery and liquids such as water liberally used to wash down equipment makes the factory the last place digital signage would be expected be implemented.

However, more and more industrial sectors are seeing the advantage of using LCD and plasma screens to relay important information via Digital signage for factory production staff. Digital signage is perfect for this role as the screens are more visible than printed signs and the information can be changed at will.

The only problem with using digital signage in factory conditions is that most of these areas are just not suitable for LCDs and plasmas to function in. The dust and dirt prominent in many factory areas will clog up the LCD and cause it to overheat, shortening the life and risking potential short circuit or even fire.

In factories like food production facilities the problem is made worse by the prevalence of water that is used to wash down equipment and surfaces. Any water that even splashes on a conventional LCD or plasma can instantly cause the device to short circuit and permanently disable it. Obviously complete wash down is absolutely out of the question which could prevent digital signage from being used as it is often a prerequisite of food manufacturing plants that all equipment has to be washed down.

Fortunately, waterproof factory plasma and LCD enclosures are designed to allow conventional TV screens to be used in factory conditions. The LCD enclosure completely protects the digital signage and allows it to be washed down. LCD enclosures not only prevent water from penetrating into the LCD but also will prevent any dust from getting in too making them ideal for allowing digital signage in industrial areas.

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