Digital Signage – Getting the Best ROI for your Money

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Digital signage is no different to any other industry when it comes to getting a return on investment. Ensuring you get at least what you put in is vital – otherwise it is pointless embarking on a campaign if it will cost money and not generate any.

There are two aspects for Digital Signage ROI and improving the chance of receiving a good return on your investment:

  • Ensuring you get the most cost effective method for your needs
  • Ensure the digital signage is being used to its fullest potential

Selecting a digital signage device

If you can reduce the initial investment then ROI will be a lot easier to achieve and there are many methods of low cost digital signage that can generate just as much awareness and interest as more expensive devices.

Commercial grade screens are the better choice for displays as they are more durable, can cope with longer on times and are brighter. They are however, considerably more expensive than standard devices but there is a method of allowing you to use a standard, off-the-shelf TV device, whilst ensuring it lasts just as long as a commercial grade screen:

LCD enclosures are one such method. These can house both commercial and standard LCD screens but they also contain climatic systems to ensure the screens don’t overheat. They are also rugged enclosure offering additional protection from impact and vandalism.

Waterproof and weatherproof LCD enclosures are also available for outdoor digital signage allowing these standard devices to be even taken outdoors.

Digital posters are also another cost effective method of digital signage. These are a turnkey solution that just require wall-hanging, however, they are generally only available for indoor locations

Digital Signage ROI – Getting the Most out of your DS investment

There are several things you can do to ensure that your digital signage campaign is viewed and appreciated by as many people as possible.

The content is crucial for any digital advertising campaign. It has to be eye-catching and engaging enough to stand out in a crowd, especially of there are other forms of digital advertising around. Using bright colors, moving images and even sound are some methods of ensuring you content is as noticeable as possible.

The location of the screens is also important. They be as noticeable as possible which often means ensuring you mount them at eye-level. Floor standing digital signage will receive the most attention as posters and overhead systems are easy to ignore but outdoor digital signage will generate more viewers than any comparative indoor scheme making it perhaps a better certainty for generating a ROI.

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