Digital Signage – Improving a Customer’s Experience

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While there are many benefits to using digital signage, immediacy, engagement, the ability to place multiple adverts on a single space, one of the key benefits and perhaps the most important attribute to a successful digital signage campaign, is improving a customer’s experience.

With the rise of the internet and smartphone, the way people shop for things has changed. People no longer walk into stores and spend hours browsing, they want things to be more immediate as they are so used to online ordering and other interactive shopping methods.

For many people, the traditional method of shopping becomes a negative experience, with too much time lost navigating stores to search for items, and a lack of interaction and information around the stores.

With its unique qualities, digital signage can play a key role in improving customer experience around a retail environment:

Digital signage can raise customers' expectations

Efficiency—Digital signage can speed up the process of shopping by providing better wayfinding and navigation. Touchscreens are becoming popular around retail stores that enable self-service facilities and help customers avoid queues at checkouts or provide pre-ordering services of goods without requiring human interaction.

Information—digital signage can also replace the role of traditional sales staff by providing product information to customers. Often customers require all sorts of information to help them reach a buying decision, but with limited manpower, finding somebody to assist can be a frustrating experience. With a digital signage screen, displaying relevant information, product demonstration or answering to common question can help alleviate this frustration.

Boosting expectations—making a visit to a retail store a memorable one will dramatically increase satisfaction and boost a customer’s experience. By providing demonstrations, and relevant and engaging content, a digital signage display can help make a retail experience more memorable and pleasurable. If customers have a memorable and enjoyable experience, it is more likely they’ll return in the future.


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