Digital Signage in Healthcare

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Digital signage has become a popular feature in retail and in our stores and shopping malls. However, retail is only one industry that has been quick to adopt this new technology for advertising purposes but there are others that finding other uses for digital signage that are providing just as many benefits.

The healthcare sector was one of the first non commercial industries to implement digital signage and its uptake in hospitals, surgeries and care homes has been extremely comprehensive.

Waiting rooms, corridors, doctors/nurses lounge and even outdoor digital signage is being implemented in the healthcare sector. But as healthcare is not concerned with retail and selling products – what do the healthcare sector use digital signage for?

Information for staff

Healthcare settings have their own difficulties with communication. A variety of communication methods from loudspeakers to pagers are regularly used by doctors and nurses whilst bulletin boards and notice boards are also used quite frequently but they can often become overrun with information as memos and older messages are quite often left up.

Digital signage can operate as part of the hospital or healthcare setting’s communication toolset, providing information for staff in a far more effective, practical and flexible method than the traditional notice board.

Information for patients
Waiting times for consultants and other information can easily be relayed to patients by suing digital signage.

Information for visitors

Navigating the hospital, displaying important information such as promoting the use of hand gels by visitors to displaying visiting hours are just a few of the uses that digital signage is being used to improve the experience of visitors to the healthcare setting.


Healthcare centers and hospitals often require patients to wait considerable amounts of time. Providing entertainment through digital signage screens can help reduce the perception of waiting time making it a less arduous experience for patients.

Advertising partnerships

Often in providing entertainment the healthcare center doesn’t need to pay for it or the digital signage system as often partnerships with advertising companies means the advertisers pay for the displays and entertainment content in exchange for running adverts inbetween.

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