Digital Signage in Retail Does it Better

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Information is key in any business environment. Keeping customers informed of new products, advertising them and providing valuable information about your business is key to any successful marketing campaign.

And there are plenty of ways of marketing messages too. Direct email, newsletters and print media are widely used to supply information to customers and suppliers. However, not every business is fortunate to have the contact details of every potential customer or lead and in some industries the only potential sales that can be generated come from the people walking through the door or past the window.

And it is marketing to these people where digital signage is above and beyond any other form of signage or information delivery. Traditionally, the only method of marketing to retail customers has been to place print media and traditional signage in view of the customers.

A coffee shop using digital signage

To attract passing trade, signage such as for sales signs have been placed outdoors or in window displays to pull in customers. However, traditional signage has very little effect on the modern shopper. Just think, when was the last time you were convinced to enter a shop just because you saw a sign saying sale?

Digital signage in a German post office

Digital signage is perfect for retail marketing and no other method of signage can match it for its effectiveness, flexibility and ability to engage customers.

Digital signage is far more effective at providing information. Not only can an unlimited number of messages be relayed but they can be altered to match specific times or type of customer. Different content can be displayed outside using outdoor digital signage to get customers through the door while indoor screens near a point of sale can be used to take advantage of a captive audience.

Not only is digital signage more flexible and dynamic, it still holds a newness about it that traditional media can’t match. Viewers are far more captivated by digital signage than regular print media increasing the effectiveness of it.

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