Digital Signage in the Extreme

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Digital signage is perhaps one of the only growing industries in the present economic climate and is expanding across all sectors outdoor digital signage is now on our side walks as well as being inside stores.

Its applications is also increasing with more and more industrial sectors realizing the benefits of using digital signage and LCD and plasmas are springing up almost everywhere. Digital signage offers plenty of benefits such as:

•    Being cheaper than creating and print ad campaigns.
•    Flexible – promotions can be changed immediately
•    Messages can be tailored and varied for different products or particular customers
•    Revenue can be produced through selling advertising space
•    It can help influence customer behaviour
•    Provide important information
•    Is far better looking than traditional print signs; improving company image
•    Better visibility for warning signs or important information

Digital signage is now being used in many areas where it has traditionally been inconceivable to use a TV screen. Industrial areas, factories and even the great outdoors offer little in the way of obstacles for modern digital signage, thanks mainly to the growing use of LCD enclosures.

An LCD enclosure protects outdoor digital signage from the weather but also can protect industrial digital signage from many of the hostile elements in factories and industrial plants. Dust, dirt, vibrations and even water (including pressure washers) can’t penetrate or damage an LCD or plasma enclosed in these LCD or plasma enclosures.

Many of the flat screen enclosures offer protection to the NEMA 4X rating (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) allowing users to note the type of protection they offer.

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