Digital Signage in the Transport Industry

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There is one industry that has really embraced digital signage and has found new methods, applications and ways of generating different revenue streams that now being taken up by other industries.

Railroads, bus stations, airports and even taxi cabs have adopted digital screens for two purposes:

• Advertising
• Information provision

Methods of Digital Information

Providing timetable information was one of the first uses of digital displays. Airports and railroads were in fact using TV screens to provide this sort of information long before the flatscreen TV market erupted and digital out of home media began filling the marketplace.

The advantages of using digital technology for providing this sort of information is obvious; as it enables real time information – telling passengers when their bus, plane or train is to arrive or depart and other relevant information.

Methods of Digital Advertising

But information is not the only way transport companies make use of LCD technology. They were also one of the first industries to spot the potential revenue streams that digital advertising can generate.

Railways and Bus companies soon realised that they had a captive audience that advertising companies could make use of. They also developed a unique method of generating revenue without any of the overheads. By getting the advertisers to install the screens on the trains, buses and taxis they can generate an advertising income without any initial investment -handing the risk and investment over.

Outdoor Digital Signage

Transportation companies, and in particular rail roads, was also amongst the fist to see the potential of outdoor digital signage. Large screen displays at station platforms were easily identified as great methods of generating advertising revenue. The passing audience is huge and captive providing a great method of advertising to not just those on the platform but also onboard the trains.

Railway companies also had the experience to be first to develop outdoor digital signage. Having used screens outdoors for information purposes they were aux fais with the waterproof requirements of the LCD enclosures.

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